Old Ancient Temple in Hyderabad that many people Doesn’t Know. I Bet.

This articles explains about Ancient Temples in Hyderabad.

I Am from Hyderabad, Telangana and I love my Hyderabad. Exploring Hyderabad and Knowing more about Hyderabad is my Hobby.

Many Temples in Hyderabad are very famous like

  • Birlamandir
  • Pedhamma Temple in Jublee hills
  • Chilikuru balaji temple
  • Yadagiri Narasimha Swamy temple
  • Iskcon Temple
  • and many more

But I bet that 90% of the people, even they from Hyderabad and Secunderabad, they doesn’t know about few old and ancient temples. These Temples has interesting Histories.

So, in this Article, I am going to explain Interesting and amazing facts about following Hyderabad Temples.

  1. Chitraguptha Temple in Hyderabad
  2. Kasi Bugga Temple
  3. Karmanghat Hanuman Temple
  4. Sri Balaji Venketeswara Swamy Temple
  5. Jagadamba Temple, Golkonda Fort
  6. Govardhana Giri Venugopala Swamy temple in Hyderabad

Chitraguptha Temple :

Very few people know this fact that there is a Chitragupta temple in Hyderabad.
Chitragupta temple in Hyderabad

Very few people know this fact that there is a Chitragupta temple in Hyderabad.

Very rarely we hear about the temple of Chitraguptha Swamy temple. In India, we have 3 temples . One among them is in Hyderabad in Uppuguda.

The other two are located in Orrisa and Kanchipuram. (But the Author didn’t have the complete information about number of Chitragutha Temples in India. Please explore by yourself)

Who is Chitragupta Bhagwan? Chitragutha is also known as God of Justice and he accompanies Lord Yamaraj, the God of Death.

As per mythology, he maintains the records of all good and bad of every person who live on earth and decides the punishments as per the persons Karma after death.

About Chitragutha Swamy temple in Hyderabad :

Address : Uppuguda, Hyderabad

Opposite Chatirnaka Police Station & Uppuguda Bus Stop.

Details of Chitragupta temple :  It is about 200 years old Temple. Daily Abhishekam is performed to the God and Graha Dosha Special Poojas on Wednesdays.

One of the good thing we liked in this temple is, it is very spacious and peace place, we can have a good time with family and kids.

Kashi Bugga Temple in Hyderabad:

Sample Kasi Bugga Temple in Hyderabad
Sample Kasi Bugga Temple in Hyderabad

I am 100% sure 90% of Hyderabadis does know about this temple. It is in Badangpet, Hyderabad.

It is also one of the oldest temples in India, but not so popular.

It is on the bank of river Moosi.

Mystery About this temple :

The special about this Temple is that without any human interruption, abhishekam to the God Shiva will be performed on all the days. On all 365 days of the Year.  

Next to the Shiva Lingam, water always flows from a small hole and till now, no body knows from where the water is coming.

People believe that this water has many medicinal values.

People also believe that every day at morning 3 AM, snakes will be seen in the main temple.

Snakes at 3 AM in Kasi Bugga Temple

This is a very beautiful temple. The temple is built in the form of a house from exterior unlike other Hindu temples. And the Shiva lingam is in underground floor.

The priests here give us a chance to perform the Archana by ourselves

It is also called as Swayambhu Lord Shiva temple.

Hara Hara Maha Dev Shambo Shankara.

Karmanghat Hanuman Temple

It was said that this temple is constructed in 12th century AD. One of the Kakatiya King heard chanting of Lord Rama in the middle of the forest when he went for hunting. He then found that the sound was coming from a stone, he understand that the stone was idol of Lord Hanuman and constructed a beautiful temple there.

History Behind the Name” Karmanghat Hanuman”

After the temple was built by Kakatiya King, after 400 years, Once Aurangzeb instructed his ministers to destroy all the Hindu temples all over the India. But, his people couldn’t able to enter into this temple.

weapon “Crow bar”
weapon “Crow bar”

Then the Aurangzeb himself came along with a weapon “Crow bar” to destroy the temple. Then He heard a superior voice somewhere from sky saying, “Mandir todna hai raja, to kar maan ghat

Aurangzeb himself came along with a weapon “Crow bar” to destroy the temple.

The meaning is “If you want to destroy the temple, then make your heart strong”

His hands trembled with fear and then he ran away from the place.

From that day the name “Karmanghat Hanuman” came into existence.

People believe the god is most powerful

The temple is very neat, pleasant, hygienic.

Also, very peaceful and relaxing place. This temple was constructed with good parking and all other facilities.

sri anjaneyam prasannanjaneyam

Very powerful temple, a must visit Temple in Hyderabad

Address: 8-2-61, Padma Nagar Colony, Champapet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500079

Sri Balaji Venketeswara Swamy Temple:

Sample Image of Ancient Sri Balaji Venkateshwara Swamy temple in Hyderabad
Sample Image of Ancient Sri Balaji Venkateshwara Swamy temple in Hyderabad

This Temple is very ancient. Means, constructed around 800 years before. And I am once again 100% sure that 90% of the Hyderabad and Secundrabad People are not aware of this powerful temple until an article was published in Deccanchronicle in 2017.

Where is this Temple ? It is in Village Jodimetla in the Uppal – Warangal route.

The temple Priest says that this temple has Supernatural powers. And the temple is a Hari Hara Keshtram, means both lord Shiva and Lord Venkateshwara reside in one place.

Sample Image of Ancient Temple in Hyderabad
This is not the original image of the temple

History of this Temple :

It was said that Lord Balaji along with Goddess Laxmi rested here for some time.

The God is a swayambhu god and the temple is constructed around this Idol.

Inside of the temple is dark and we can’t able to see unless little light is flashed in the temple.

The priest will tell all the miracles that he has been witnessing from year 2000.

Sample Image for a temple in forest
Sample Image for a temple in forest

The location of the temple is once a thick forest.

The priest says the temple is almost ruined and has ancient looks and snakes move around the temple compound freely.

Jagadamba Temple, Golkonda Fort :

Golconda Fort - Jagadamba temple in Hyderabad. A MustVisit Temple
Golconda Fort – Jagadamba temple

Many people know about this temple and to reach this temple, you need to reach the top of the Golconda Fort.

Last year, I went to Golconda fort along with my friends but, couldn’t able to go inside the temple as I was unable to reach that much height.

I think we should have blessing of Mother Goddess to visit this temple.

History of this temple
History of this temple

History of this temple:  People says that this temple was build 900 years back and was worshiped by shepherds in those days.

Present Days, at the time of Bonalu, we can see lots of crowd into his temple.

The Temple is Located in a small Cave and it was said the we need to climb 365 steps to reach this temple ( But I am not sure about the total number of Steps)

Venugopala Swamy Govardhana Giri temple in Kukatpally

Lord Sri Krishna on Venugopala Swamy Govardhana Giri Temple in Kukatpally

This temple is popular in only Kukatpally area. I call this Temple as “Mini Birla Mandir”. It is on a small hill in kukatpally, besides, Forum Mall.

This temple is well know in Kukatpally area in recent times as Govardhana Giri Venugopala Swamy temple

It is not an ancient temple and the history is not very clear.

It was said that in year 1998, few people saw an idol of lord Krishna and then people constructed a temple in this hill.

Before 1998, shepherds, cows and local people use to visit this hill

The temple is very peaceful and the view from this hill is very scenic.

Mostly the temple will be free and less crowded and neatly maintained with good Parking space.

Goshala in Govardhana Giri Venugopala swamy Temple in Kukatpally

A wonderful place to visit during mornings and evenings. Pleasant atmosphere and scenic beauty on the hill and can get blessings of Lord Venugopala Swamy.

It also has a goshala with lot of cows and we can feed them vegetables.

I will say a must visit temple if you are passing through Kukatpally or Srujana Forum Mall

Hope You got some information on these Ancient Temples in Hyderabad and please do visit when you travel to Hyderabad or if you are in Hyderabad.

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