Krishnapatnam Restaurant- Forum mall in kukatpally

This restaurant is famous for its biryani. I had a great time there with my brother.

Thkrishnapatnam restaurant was great. The food was delicious and the service was prompt. But what really made the experience different from any other dining experience I’ve had were the spices.

For someone who grew up eating Indian dishes, this spice blend is a refreshing change from the typical masala you get in most restaurants.

The food was good. The ambience was good but not great. The service was good.

The food was good. The ambience wasn’t great, but it gets the job done. I enjoyed the service, even though it took a while to get our waiter’s attention at first.

I will add this restaurant in my list of Best Restaurants in Hyderabad

Krishnapatnam Restaurant- Forum mall in kukatpally

Type of cuisine- Indian

Takeaways- don’t know

Number of tables- I didn’t count

krishnapatnam restaurant

I went to Krishnapatnam Restaurant, located in the Forum mall complex in Kukatpally.

Went with my brother. We were looking for a restaurant to eat mutton biryani, which we found at Krishnapatnam. Mutton biryani was delicious and so was the chicken fry and soup. The ambiance was good and the service was good too.

The number of tables in the restaurant are not enough for the crowd, the restaurant was facing.

I ordered the mutton biryani with soup and fried chicken, while my brother ordered the chicken biryani.

The fried chicken had a wonderful crisp to it. Our only critique was that as the crowd is floating like anything, we ate very fast and vacated the table for the people, who were waiting outside,

We would recommend this restaurant to others.

Krishnapatnam Restaurant at Forum Mall, Kukatpally

About Mutton Biryani :

The light of the day was fading away. It was getting late. I ordered Mutton biryani.

The mutton biryani was the perfect balance of spices, vegetables, and chicken which was soft to touch.

The mutton biryani was decent, not extraordinary, but it tasted how it should have. It did not have the pepper of Kashmiri cuisine but it had that earthy taste that’s unique to Andhra Pradesh.

The tenderness of the muttons were perfect, they mixed in well with the rice and they had enough fat to make the dish rich.

Soup :

The soup was light and refreshing, with a hint of spice (maybe ginger?).

It was good too.

Had a balance of sweetness and tanginess in it, making me smile in my head when I took my first sip of it . The soup was comforting and helped quench my thirst after eating that spicy plate of biryani.

I would like to visit this restaurant again in the future when I want to eat some good food with family or friends.”

What is the specialty of this restaurant?

This restaurant is inside forum mall in the 4th floor next to barbeque nation.

It specializes in Andhra food and other Costal Andhra dishes.

It has been around for about a year and it’s a pretty popular spot for those who want to grab a quick bite on their lunch break.

How is the food?

krishnapatnam restaurant menu

Good and super tasty

When should you visit this restaurant?

This is a little tricky. If you want to go somewhere with great food, the restaurant has got you covered. But if you are looking for a place to grab some drinks and catch up with friends, this might not be the best idea.

What is the specialty of the restaurant?

The specialty of the restaurant is the food. The environment is casual and welcoming, perfect for a family dinner or a small business meetings or simply to enjoy the food silently.

When is the best time to visit the restaurant?

Week days but not on weekends. It seems no one in Hyderabad is cooking I their houses on weekends. Lol

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How much does it cost per person?

I  costs Approx Rs. 1200 / – for two people and its worth for that taste.

We ordered 1 soup, one fry and one biryani and one water bottle

Is Krishnapatnam restaurant in Kukatpally expensive?

Krishnapatnam restaurant is located in Kukatpally, which is one of the residential areas in Hyderabad. So, if you are looking for a 5-star restaurant experience at affordable prices, you should go to this place.

The prices of dishes at Krishnapatnam vary but most of them are high end and costly. For example, the price for mutton biriyani is around ₹450 .

But if you are looking for authenticity and good quality food then this place would be worth the experience since it’s home to some of the best traditional dishes like Hyderabadi biryani and kebabs.

What are the benefits of eating at Krishnapatnam restaurant in Kukatpally?

Krishnapatnam restaurant in Kukatpally is a popular dining destination for people who are looking for authentic South Indian cuisine. The restaurant serves dishes that are not only tasty but also healthy and nutritious.

Krishnapatnam restaurant in Kukatpally provides the following benefits:

krishnapatnam forum mall table booking

It offers delicious food at reasonable prices

The food is feast for eyes

The restaurant has an inviting ambiance

It has a family-friendly atmosphere,

The pleasures of #goodfood cannot be replicated.

And if you’ve never tried mutton biryani at Krishnapatnam, then that is a handicap.

#Krishnapatnam, worth the wait!