SAHAS – Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad

LION in Front of Main Gate in Sahas adventurous Park in Ramoji Film City

I am going to cover following points in this article about Sahas in Ramoji Film City, a popular Tourist place in Hyderabad

In my previous Post, I discussed about my experience in Golconda Fort. Its an adventurous but not a fun. its was an informative experience.

In this article, I will explain all fun included adventures in Ramoji film city

  • Zip lining,
  • Rope Course
  • Paint Ball
  • ATV
  • Shooting and Archery
  • SNAKE in Ramoji City

This Sahas was setup as a part of Ramoji Film City.

But, generally visitors of Ramoji won’t go to this place. I went to Ramoji many times but I dint go to this place. We watch all film shooting settings, Model Airport, mental hospital, Railway station, different settings of houses that were shown in films, Hemamalini and Dharmendhar Shole movie clippings etc.

And we get tired and we will come back to home.

But, one should try this Sahas once. One full day will be enough to enjoy the rides in this Adventurers park.

Adventures in Sahas Fun Park in Hyderabad

Adventurers rides in SAHAS :

  • Rope Course
  • Zip Lining
  • ATV
  • Archery
  • Shooting
  • Paint Ball

Rope Course:

Rope Course in Sahas in Ramoji Film City Hyderabad

It’s like a big rope net in air. From outside you will think that you can do this very easily. But its not that easy.

But definitely will enjoy it. We will get the feel that we joined a military camp and we are going to a war fight.

Don’t miss this.

Zip Lining:

Zip Line adventure in Ramoji Film City Sahas in Hyderabad

My Favorite among all. I saw this Zip line in Wild waters, when we went to Palm Exotica Resorts. But not as exciting as this.

Adventure Zip Line in Sahas Ramoji Film City Hyderabad

Form the main point, you need to walk a little( Not exactly little, its far) , climb a metal stair case.

Your waist will be tied with rope and you will be hanging to a metal rod. And then you will be pushed to the other side.

It was like Zipppppppppppppppppp

Superb experience. If you are an adventurous lover then you will enjoy it  a lot. With in minutes you will reach the other end. Before you reach the other end, while going on the Zip lane try to see down.

You will get a feel as if you are on clouds.

Zip Line equipments in Sahas in ramoji Film City

I really really loved this one. And you were allowed to experience any number of time after you pay and enter this SAHAS.

But you need to walk again very long way. So, I don’t think people will try this more than once.

Coming Down after Zip Line Adventure in Ramoji Film City SAHAS

ATV – All-Terrain Vehicle :

AVT-All Terrain Vehicle Station

This is another wonderful experience in SAHAS, Ramoji.

They say the eligible age is minimum 16 years to ride these, but they do have smaller vehicles for kids, younger than 16.

AVT Vehicles in Sahas in ramoji

First we need to select the vehicle among nearly 20 to 25 vehicles they have.

After that they will train you on how to ride that and the safety measures.

Trust me. The energy and thrill you experience is unbelievable.

Zeeps in AVT Station in Sahas

Hello excuse me…I am talking about ordinary people like me. This “Thrill” is not for motorcycle riders.


Archery adventure in Sahas Ramoji

When I went there, I see no one. We searched for the trainer and brought him to the place.

The trainer is good and gave us proper training and guided us.

He gave equal chances to everyone and we never knew before that archery is not very difficult. I am talking about only for playing for not, not about participating in international level competitions.


ting in Sahas Adventure in ramoji Film City in hyderabad

Hello boys, don’t miss this. You people will enjoy this. I also tried this one but couldn’t able to play this.

They is a place like a “Cow Boy Area” with all settings like a broken walls, drum etc and you should shoot on bottles and other targets.

Nice play but be careful.

There are few more games like Bungee Ejection, Paint ball, Sumo Suits, Zorbing etc but they were broken and not working.

Paint ball Adventure

How was the Experience in SAHAS in Ramojifilm City? :

My Personal experience is – 100% fun
Instead of spending more your time in going on a bus drive to see shows and settings, spend more time in sahas.
Your kids will definitely love it.
There is shooting, archery games, Zip Line rides and many more.

Overall it was a Great experience.

Ramoji City Sahas is absolutely a lovely place for the kid in you. Good place to hang out with colleagues and friends. Shooting & archery have to improve both a lot. This place is nice for people looking for some adventurous spot to hangout on holidays. It suits best for team outings as Sahas also offers corporate package with discounts.

Something Extra :

We saw a snake in ATV center. After we completed our rides while we are coming back, we saw this. There is another group of people who came to experience ATV rides. They saw this snake under on vehicle.

The SAHAS team immediately reacted and a lady from the SAHAS staff came forward with a snake catching stick and took the snake and left it is a far away place.

I am very happy that they have trained people to respond immediately for this type of incidence too.

Negative Points :

  1. For every location one have to go stairs for 1-4 storied
  2. Food Quality is average
  3. Half the rides don’t work

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