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Talking Hands Restaurant Hyderabad Telangana
Talking Hands Restaurant in Hyderabad
Talking Hands Restaurant- Hyderabad

Talking Hands Restaurant Hyderabad Telangana

I never know till my best friend told about this Talking Hands Restaurant.

This is only restaurant at Hyderabad where you can place an order through sign language. And you can learn the language through them and you can also start conversation with them. Dining here will be an awesome memories in your life.

The name “Taking Hands “is the correct one for this restaurant.

My father is a Hearing Impaired. We usually move our hands more to explain anything to him.

So, I took him to this restaurant on his Birthday. He felt soo happy that I can’t explain in words

This Restaurant for Deaf and Dumb is situated in Paryatak Bhavan, Begumpet, Hyderabad.

People or employees who serve there are all Deaf and Dumb.

We should order our food with our Hands or signs in their language.

Deaf and Dumb Restaurant

And they provide guidance with videos and signs on walls on how to communicate with the people over there. They even provide guidelines in the menu card.

Language of Deaf and Dumb

Among all the posters or signs or talking with our hands, I liked “Thank you” and “Excuse Me” very much. And I bet while coming out, you will be talking with your hands like those people with your friends or family with whom you visited this restaurant.

I really liked this Restaurant.

Talking Hands restaurant Hyderabad Menu:

Vegetable Corn Soup

They have both Vegetarian Food as well as Non-Veg food.

Crispy Corn in Restaurant

Crispy Corn was good. We can get Chicken Lollipop at Rs. 100 and I think they will give 4 pieces. For hundred rupees.

They Have Salads, Soups, Non-Veg, Tandori veg and Non veg and many items. Starters are quite good.

How was the Quality of Food in this Restaurant :

The Restaurant Ambiance is quite good and Decent. But the quality of food should be good.

I suffered with stomach upset the very next day.

Taste of Food in Talking Hands Restaurant

Even the taste is also not excellent .  the management might have taken some steps to improve the quality of food as it is the most important part of a restaurant.

How was the Ambiance of Restaurant :

Menu of talking Hands Restaurant

The Ambiance of the Restaurant is very nice. We feel something different . Some peace in this restaurant. All the walls are decorated with posters, explaining the language of Deaf and Dumb.

Ambiance of the Restaurant

The restaurant is not very big but quite spacious.

The sign boards on rest rooms were also written in their language.

How was the Cost :

The prices of all the dishes are reasonable. We around 8 people visited this talking hands Restaurant. Among them, six people are adults and 2 are kids around 10 years of age.

Lassi with Lemon

We spend Rs. 3000/- (Three thousand).

So, I don’t think it is costly. Quite reasonable.

We ordered, Soups, Chicken Lollipops, Few Starters, Butter Nan(Nan is not good actually) and few more items.

Talking Hands Restaurant is in Zomato and you can check that.

Idea Behind starting this Restaurant :

I heard that this restaurant was run by a Deaf Enabled Foundation, an NGO, which has a mission of empowering people with hearing and speech impairment.

But I am not sure. I think I saw some where in web.

How was the total experience?

Its true that I felt some magic in the air there. Very peaceful. This restaurant is managed by deaf and dumb. I learned that Instead of showing sympathy towards these disabled people, we should encourage their efforts.

And also we will understand that disability will not be an obstacle for once success and in fact they can make that disability as their strength.

Sweets in Restaurant

Hats off to these people and hats off to the Idea.

Even The News Minute has covered article on this restaurant.

Address of Talking hands Restaurant , Hyderabad :

Restaurants in Tourism Paryatak Bhavan, Hyderabad

Address: Tourism Paryatak Bhavan, Greenlands, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016

Website :

How to reach: We stay at Kukatpally. We went by metro train and ot took hardly 25 minutes to reach this restaurant .

We got into Metro train at kukatpally metro Station, Changed the train at Ameer pet and got down at Begumpet. Just next to Lifestyle.

From there its walkable distance. If you are not clear with the area, you can take an Auto. But he will take you a roundabout and will charge you Rupees fifty. ( Rs. 50 /- )

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