Venugopalaswamy Temple-Kukatpally, Hyderabad

A Very Pleasant Temple in Kukatpally. Many people don’t know that there is a beautiful temple here.

A hill Temple near Srujana Forum Mall-Venugopala swamy Temple

The temple is on a hill. I use to go to my office from 2015,on this way that is from Forum mall to Madhapur and I use to see this temple from far.

Those days there was no clear route or road to reach this temple. Now, there is a pakka cement road and we can go till temple by bike or car and if you want to walk, you can do that because it is not far away from the main road.

Vinugopalaswamy temple road kukatpally Hyderabad

Introduction :

One of the important temples for Lord krishna is in Nathdwara in he western state of Rajasthan.

Though, there is no comparision between Nathdwara Temple and this Kukatpally temple, but this is a must watch in Hyderabad temples after Birla mandir.

The Venugopala Swamy temple was very peaceful and very pleasant. Calm and absolute no crowd place. All over the temple, there are many lord Krishna idols. One Hanuman temple next to the function hall. A small garden with beautiful flowers. You can have a good view from There as the temple is on a hill like place.

View from Venugopalaswamy temple Hyderabad Kukatpally

How to reach this Temple?

This venugopala swamy temple is just opposite to Malaysian township.

From JNT, You can reach here by shared Auto . You can get down near Malaysian Town ship, cross the road and can walk till temple.

If you don’t prefer walking, then you can book a ola cab or auto or can go by your own vehicle till the temple.

Entrance of the temple:

Entrance itself is very beautiful. You will see long steps decorated with beautiful white coloured rangolies.

These Steps are not like the steps in Golconda Fort where we faced difficulty to climb to the top

Venugopalasawmy temple steps - Kukatpally Hyderabad

On either side of the temple, you will see big rocks, painted with Srivari Naamaalu, Sankhu and Chakram.

venugopala swamy temple kphb, near Malaysian township

You will really get devotional feel once you step on the steps.

On the Hill:

Anajaneya swamy temple-kukatpally-hyderabad

There are two temples on the hill. Right Side you will see “Anjaneya Swamy“  temple. Left side, the main temple- Sri Venugopala Swamy.

After you got on the hill, the first thing you will see is a function hall. It will be closed always except on any special days.

Auditorium in Venugopalaswamy temple kukatpally hyderabad

Left side you will find water taps to wash your legs and hands.

There is a big ground after that. But the thing is, there are lots of small stones and you cant walk on that ground with out footwear.

But at the starting of the temple, before we climb steps, we saw a “Leave you Foot ware here” board. So, we left our chappals there itself.

But we can come till that ground with our foot wear and can enjoy the walk on the ground.

At the corner of the ground, you can see lodha appartments and the view was really nice.

On another side, you can see Srujana Forum mall and the flyover constructed near to the mall. You can take nice photographs if you are a photographer.

Road to Kukatpally Venugopala swamy temple Hyderabad

The main Temple :

The main temple is not so big, but spacious. The place was cool. We went there at evening times and the sun set was beautiful.

Garden : Back side of the temple, there is a small garden with many flower plants. I saw roses, Shoe Flowers, Mandaram, Ganneru, Nandi vardhanam, and many desi flowers.

In between the garden there is a beautiful Lord Krishna Idol.

When we come out of the temple, I saw 2 “Usiri” trees.

Amla Tree in Venugopala swamy temple, kphb

Gosaala :

Next to the garden, there is a cattle form – Gosaala.

And I saw 2 cows. As the gates were closed and I was with out my footwear, I couldn’t go till Gosaala.

One thing I like very much in this temple is, there are many Lord Krishna Idols and all are very nice.

Venugopala Swamy temple kukatpally timings:

Morning from 6.00 AM to 11.30 Noon and Evening in normal days

But on festival and Holidays there is a small change in timings.

Morning 6.00 AM to 12.30 Noon and evening 5.00 PM to 9.00 PM

Overall Experience :

Nice temple to visit. One can get nice and pleasant experience by visiting this temple. It is near to Malaysian township. We can also see nice view of the city from this place. The priests here are good, if we want to do any poojas or homas they will do. In non festival seasons people will come in less numbers and we can spend some peaceful time here. We can also take some nice pictures here with some beautiful sceneries – Review by one of the visitor

Pleasant atmosphere and hilltop temple – Lord Krishna as Venugopala Swamy with Rukmini Devi and Satyabhama Devi and one side Lord Hanuman.
You have a separate flowers garden dedicated to Lord Krishna, where you can find many flowers and few different flowers you can find them very rare.
Beautiful view of Kphb from the top. You can also bring your vehicle directly to the top of the temple if you can’t climb especially for old people.- Review by a Visitor.

Morning 6-7 am one can see peacocks dancing
It’s a good place one can have fresh air- Another Visitor

“Om namo bhagwate vasudevaya”

It is a sacred mantra.
Also known as dwadakshari( twelve lettered mantra).
It means salutation to  Lord Vasudeva( Lord Krishna).
This sacred mantra can be chanted by anyone.
Rangoli in Venugopalaswamy temple kukatpally Hyderabad

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