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Temples in Hyderabad

Temples in Hyderabad: In this article, we explain the following ancient and historical temples:

  • Chitragupta Temple, Hyd

1. Chitragupta Temple, Uppuguda: A Fascinating Spiritual Journey

Address: Chitragupt Devalaya, Kandikal Gate Rd, Bhatji Nagar, Aliabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500053

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Introduction: Unveiling the Mysteries of Chitragupta Temple

We’re accustomed to hearing about temples dedicated to mighty deities like Lord Shiva, Lord Rama, and Goddess Durga. Yet, nestled amidst the bustling streets of Aliabad in Hyderabad, there’s a temple that unveils the mysteries of an unconventional divine figure, Chitragupta. Imagine a temple dedicated to the Chief Accountant of Yama Dharmaraju, Chitragupta! Yes, it exists, and it’s a hidden gem on Kandikal Gate Road, Bhatji Nagar.

Its one hour journey from Kukatpally. The same 1 hour journey to Ammapalli temple.


Historical Roots: A Tapestry of 400 Years

This temple isn’t just a recent creation; it’s steeped in history, spanning over 400 years. Built in the early 18th century, the temple owes its existence to the Kayasths. These Kayasths, who served as accountants for the Nizams, held Chitragupta in high regard. They earnestly appealed to the Nizams for a temple dedicated to Chitragupta, which eventually materialized.

Meet Chitragupta: The Chief Accountant of Yama

Chitragupta, the chief accountant of Yama, is the central deity here. This divine personality is unlike any other – he has two wives and twelve children. What sets this temple apart is that Wednesdays hold special significance for Chitragupta. On this day, elaborate and heartfelt pujas are conducted in his honour, drawing devotees from diverse states.

Worshiping Chitragupta’s Steed: The Tortoise

Intriguingly, Chitragupta’s divine mount is a tortoise. Devotees visit this temple to pay their respects to a tortoise statue, symbolizing their reverence for the divine accountant. On Vaikunta Ekadasi, a special wooden door adjacent to the main temple swings open, revealing yet another dimension of the temple’s significance.

Unveiling the Temple Complex: A Spiritual Oasis in the Chaos

This temple in the heart of Faluknama, about 8 kilometers from Public Gardens, may appear elusive at first. With two gates, a school board, and bustling vendors outside, the contrast with the calm and spacious temple complex within is astonishing. Inside, you’ll find two interconnected temples.

The primary temple encompasses three shrines. The central shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva, with Chitragupta to the left and Shirdi Sai Baba to the right. The latter may be a more recent addition. An adjacent temple houses Lord Ayyappa at its centre, with Venugopala, Devi Mata, and Lord Ganapati nearby. Additionally, idols of Nag Devata can be spotted on both sides.

Tales of Serenity and Devotion

The temple is an oasis of tranquillity, offering a serene environment for ardent devotees of Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman, and Lord Ayyappa. The tall statue of Lord Hanuman is a testament to the devotion found within the temple premises, alongside shrines for Navagraha and Lord Hanuman himself.

Unearthing the Spiritual Enigma: Chitragupta Temple’s Location

Chitragupt Devalaya, Kandikal Gate Rd, Bhatji Nagar, Aliabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500053

This unique temple stands as a symbol of faith and devotion at Chitragupta Devalaya, Kandikal Gate Road, Bhatji Nagar, Aliabad, Hyderabad. It invites the curious and the devout to embark on a spiritual journey into the mysteries of Chitragupta, the chief accountant of Yama.


  1. How to perform the Abhishekam

Abhishekam is conducted from 4 AM to 7 AM exclusively on Wednesdays. Please note that participants are required to wear traditional attire; pants and shorts are not permitted during Abhishekam. Kindly be aware that only males are allowed to take part in the ritual.

2. What are the benefits of visiting Chitragupta Temple?

Chitragupta, the celestial accountant, must have the most epic filing system ever! He’s like the divine archivist of humanity, keeping track of all our little good and not-so-good deeds. You can almost imagine him up there in the heavens, scrolling through celestial spreadsheets and deciding whether you get the VIP pass to heaven or a one-way ticket to the fiery down-under.

But here’s the kicker – Chitragupta isn’t just any celestial being; he’s like the HR department of the universe. He’s in charge of Kethu, one of those Navagrahas, and if you manage to impress him with your devotion, it’s like having a celestial HR rep on your side. Good health, check! Prosperity, check! Spiritual wisdom, check! It’s like the divine benefits package.

So, next time you’re in Hyderabad, why not swing by the Chitragupta Temple and pay your respects? Who knows, you might just win over the heavenly HR manager and secure some otherworldly perks! Just remember, though, no funny business with the spreadsheets – Chitragupta’s got his cosmic eye on you.

2. The Enigmatic Naga Devatha Temple: Unveiling the Mysteries

Naga Devatha temple in Secunderabad

In the heart of Secunderabad, an unassuming temple stands, shrouded in history and enigma. The Naga Devatha Temple, a place of spiritual significance and intriguing tales, beckons the curious and the faithful alike. Its history, marked by British soldiers and divine interventions, weaves a captivating narrative that transcends time. Join us as we explore the mystique and spirituality that enshroud this sacred site.

Address: FGQ9+477, MCEME Rd, Ward No 7 Secunderabad, Central Battery, Tirumalagiri, Secunderabad, Telangana 500015

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A Puzzling History Unfolds

The history of the Naga Devatha Temple dates back to an era when the British Army held sway over the Cantonment. In those times, a modest temple occupied the land, serving as a place of worship and solace for the locals. However, fate had other plans.

The Naga Devatha Temple, a place of spiritual significance and intriguing tales, Secunderabad

(Imaginary temple created using AI)

One fateful Friday, an order was issued by a British officer to dismantle the temple, and he watched as his soldiers brought it to the ground. Little did he know that this act would set in motion a series of unexplained events that continue to mystify to this day.

The following Friday, locals were shocked to discover the lifeless body of the British officer within the temple’s precincts. His demise was accompanied by the eerie presence of his loyal horse and faithful pet dog. The circumstances surrounding that night remain a puzzle, lost to the annals of time.

A Divine Intervention

Seven years after this inexplicable event, a divine decree would set the wheels of change in motion. Goddess Nagadevatha, the presiding deity of the temple, appeared in the dreams of a local resident, Sree Jayalakshmi Amma Garu. In her visions, the goddess implored her to reconstruct and restore the temple.

Secunderabad Naga Devatha Temple

Eager to heed the divine call, Jayalakshmi Amma Garu rallied her family and relatives to begin the reconstruction work. However, the presence of the British Army posed a significant obstacle. They not only halted construction but also erected a formidable boundary wall to deter any attempts to rebuild the temple.

Mystically, the tide turned when a security guard stationed at the temple had a remarkable encounter. Goddess Nagadevatha herself appeared before him, guiding the way to complete the temple’s reconstruction. With this divine intervention, the temple began to rise from the ruins at an astonishing pace.

A Temple of Healing and Faith

Over time, the temple has become a revered place for devotees seeking solace and remedy from Jathaka Dosham, particularly Sarpa Dosham or Naga Dosham. Its significance lies in the countless idols of snakes (representing the Nagas), a symbol of the deity’s grace and protection.

What’s remarkable is that nearly 90% of these snake idols were installed by devotees themselves. This act of devotion illustrates the unwavering faith of the temple’s patrons, who come from far and wide to seek the blessings of Goddess Nagadevatha and find relief from the burdens of their birth charts.

90% of these snake idols were installed by devotees themselves in Naga Devatha Temple, Secunderabad

In the midst of the bustling streets of Secunderabad, the Naga Devatha Temple remains an intriguing and spiritually charged destination. Its history, blending British soldiers and divine encounters, is a testament to the enigmatic nature of this sacred place. Visitors continue to flock to this temple, not only seeking answers to their life’s mysteries but also finding solace in the belief that the goddess watches over them. In the shadows of its sacred precincts, the mysteries of the Naga Devatha Temple continue to beckon the curious and the faithful alike.