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My trip to Mount Shamballa-Spiritual places in Hyderabad

Mount Shamballa-Spiritual Places in Hyderabad

Have you ever wondered about Mount Shamballa? Tucked away in Hyderabad, this clandestine haven remains an undiscovered marvel for many. A brief 40-minute bus journey from LB Nagar revealed a world of enigma that I recently stumbled upon at this unassuming yet fascinating location.

Details in Nutshell:

  • Location: Nestled near Deshmukhi Village in Telangana, Hyderabad’s outskirts.
  • Spiritual Significance: Known as one of the best spiritual places in the region, attracting seekers of tranquility and spirituality.
  • Historical Importance: A religious site with a significant history, captivating visitors with its spiritual aura.
  • Tranquil Haven: Functions as an ashram-like sanctuary, offering serene surroundings for spiritual exploration.
  • Natural Appeal: Provides a peaceful escape into nature, contributing to the serene places to visit in Hyderabad.
  • Remote yet Spiritual: Despite its seclusion, it’s among the sought-after religious places in the city’s outskirts.
  • Peaceful Retreat: A hidden gem for those seeking peaceful places near Ramoji Film City, offering a tranquil ambiance.
  • Accessibility: Accessible from LB Nagar, Deshmukhi Village is a starting point for treks or organized transportation during events.
  • Blend of History and Spirituality: Adds to Hyderabad’s tourist spots with its unique blend of history, spirituality, and natural charm.
  • Event Space: Hosts spiritual events like Sri Rajasuya Gayatri Maha Yagna, attracting participants with its serene atmosphere and spiritual practices.
Me with Madhavi at Mount Shamballa, nestled near Deshmuki Village in Telangana, stands out as one of the best spiritual places in Hyderabad's outskirts.

Rewinding to 1988, during the sacred Maha Shivarathri festival, an extraordinary event unfolded on the hillock that now cradles Mount Shamballa. A monumental hailstorm deposited massive ice blocks that lingered for 5 to 6 days, astonishingly mirroring the grandeur of the Himalayan ranges from a distance.

Previously, an ethereal, luminescent glow adorned the hillock, revered by neighboring villagers for its auspicious nature. However, after the peculiar hailstorm, this mystical radiance disappeared, leaving an air of mystique surrounding the place.

Nearly 18 years later, Mount Shamballa emerged as The Global Power Centre, drawing attention from scientists delving into the phenomenon. Their focus centered on the concept of a “Pole Shift,” signifying an energy transfer rather than a physical change in the Earth’s poles.

While Shamballa is believed to be a mystical Himalayan domain, its manifestation as Mount Shamballa—The Global Power Centre—in Hyderabad remains an intriguing conundrum.

Despite being erected close to a decade ago, Mount Shamballa remains a well-kept secret amongst most Hyderabadis. My serendipitous discovery of this place credits my friend, Madhavi, who unraveled its unique aura and significance.

Blending Spiritualism with Science

Mount Shamballa’s uniqueness lies in its fusion of spiritual essence with scientific principles, coined as ‘Scientific Spirituality.’

One of the most compelling facets of Mount Shamballa is the Sri Rajasuya Gayatri Maha Yagna—an awe-inspiring spiritual ceremony that doesn’t impose any financial obligations on its participants. This sacred event orchestrates an atmosphere of tranquility and spiritual harmony, setting the stage for profound experiences during the ceremonies.

Free of Cost Experience

The beauty of this spiritual gathering lies in its accessibility—anyone can attend and participate without the need for any monetary contribution. Mount Shamballa’s dedicated team generously provides all the necessary materials required for the Yagna, completely free of charge.

Cultural Immersion and Spiritual Nourishment

During the event, attendees are treated to more than just spiritual enrichment. Free and delectable lunch and breakfast are offered, inviting participants to partake in the nourishment of body and soul. The organizers even extend the option to stay on-site for the entire duration of the event. However, for those with other commitments, transportation is arranged, and attendees can return by the provided bus, typically around 4:30 PM.

This event not only fosters spiritual rejuvenation but also offers a harmonious cultural experience, resonating with the ethos of Mount Shamballa as a sanctuary for spiritual exploration and nourishment.

However, accessing Mount Shamballa poses a challenge due to the lack of public transportation. Visitors need to arrange private transportation or avail of hired services. During events, buses are organized from LB Nagar at a nominal charge of Rs. 100.

Mount Shamballa isn’t solely a spiritual haven but also offers opportunities for activities like trekking, Giri Pradarshana, and breathtaking viewpoints. This hidden gem isn’t just for locals; it beckons anyone seeking spirituality and an extraordinary escapade. Its mystical allure, entwined with the harmony of science and spirituality, renders it a destination worthy of exploration, leaving an enduring sense of wonder and curiosity.

Swagruha Paradise, Pigilpur Village, Deshmukhi Road, Batsingaram Post, Hayatnagar (M), Off NH -9, R.R. District
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.mountshamballa.org
Mobile: 99490 88256 | 98663 88745 | 94931 12564

Check their website for more details

Directions Map from Kukatpally

Directions to Mount Shamballa from Kukatpally, Hyderabad

What is the secret area of Hyderabad?

Mount Shamballa, nestled in Hyderabad, is often regarded as the city’s enigmatic and lesser-known treasure. Tucked away from the bustling urban life, this spot holds a veil of mystery and intrigue. Situated a short 40-minute bus ride from LB Nagar, it remains relatively unknown to many locals. What makes this place a secret area is its intriguing history, mystical ambience, and the amalgamation of spirituality with scientific concepts. The site’s claim to fame stems from a peculiar event in 1988, during the holy festival of Maha Shivarathri, where a hailstorm transformed the hillock into a resemblance of the majestic Himalayas. Since then, Mount Shamballa has been a place of spiritual significance and profound aura, attracting those seeking an otherworldly experience amidst the city’s urban landscape. Its elusive nature and the blend of mysticism and science make it one of Hyderabad’s hidden secrets, waiting to be explored.

As I stay at kukatpally, I will give you the details from there

  • Start from Kukatpally: Commence your journey from Kukatpally.
  • Metro Route: Board the metro heading towards LG Nagar Metro Station from Kukatpally.
  • Destination: LPT Market, LB Nagar: Alight at LG Nagar Metro Station and proceed to LPT Market, LB Nagar, which is approximately 2 kilometres from the metro station.
  • Auto Ride: Take an auto-rickshaw to LB Nagar, covering the 2-kilometer distance, which might cost around 55 rupees.
  • Mount Shamballa Bus: Upon reaching LB Nagar, board the bus provided by Mount Shamballa team for the 40-minute journey to Mount Shamballa.
  • Scenic Views: During the bus ride, observe the scenic views, including Ramoji Film City visible on the right side of the road.
  • Event Transportation: For event attendees, transportation is arranged; however, on other days, private vehicles or hired transport are necessary for reaching Mount Shamballa.
  • Trekking Option: Alternatively, from LB Nagar, one can head towards Desh Mukh village for trekking to the top of Mount Shamballa. However, note that public transport, including Ola or Uber, isn’t available in this area.
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  1. Thank you for the info andi, I stay near LB Nagar, can I go by my own car to hill top or I have park at the start & go by foot. Will there be any facility to stay over night. Please advise.

    1. Hello andi, you can go by car. There is good space for parking our vehicles. And they arrange rooms for stays as well. I think they take nominal charges for stay and food is free. But not sure about the exact details. But my suggestion is to call them before you visit that place. Pls chk their website – https://www.mountshamballa.org/
      Contact Details – 99490 88256 | 98663 88745 | 94931 12564
      But thanks for ur comments andi.

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