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Wilderness Retreat Resort:

We went to Hyderabad recently in the month of December 2021 and found this resort when searched for Resorts in Hyderabad to go with your family and kids.

We were doing some work in Hyderabad and so we thought of taking our kids( my niece and nephew), so that they could also experience the place. They usually stay with me in Hyderabad when we visit for work.

We booked an accommodation via an app. When we reached the resort it seemed like a forest, peacocks roaming around, different kinds of butterflies and different kinds of birds.

People came here along with their dogs. Few dogs were playing along with us, they were there when we checked in, then when we checked out too.

The rooms were not standard rooms, they felt like houses to us. There was this huge playground where my kids played with other kids who had come along with their parents for vacations before ours.

The food was very good according to me and there was also go-karting around the resort area which my family enjoyed a lot.

What I liked here?

  1. The resort was spacious but not well-maintained. We were happy to see that there were dogs friendly resorts in Hyderabad.

2. We found out that the resort additionally offers go karting which was a fun activity for the kids!

3. Hut Shaped Rooms

I found, that few rooms were made with old containers and most of the rooms are like huts.

Few are like tree houses

4. Bonfire :

They arranged bonfire for ur in front of our rooms at night. As it was winter, we felt very nice sitting in front of the fire.

The resort arranged a bonfire every night for us, so we all walked over to the fire front to warm ourselves up before going back into our rooms.

There were six of us in the resort and we got together for a bonfire every night. There was also a small dog.

It is winter and we all enjoy sitting around the bonfire, chatting with one another. It is winter and we all enjoy sitting around the bonfire, chatting with one another.

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5. We can work from our Laptop:

I am a digital marketer who is taking classes on digital marketing skills to the students. And one of the most important feature I liked in this resort is, provision to work from our laptop.

It was an evening with soothing air, like the sun was taking a break. I was seated at one of the tables, with my laptop trying to work means, took classes to my students and showed them this resorts .

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resorts in hyderabad to go with family and friends

6. Food in this resort – The Wilderness Retreat Resort

A young man from California is looking for a place with good food and peacefulness to get away from the hustle of his daily life.

He finds a resort in Hyderabad with a restaurant, and he has good food while he eats at the restaurant. He also gets his complementary breakfast.

This would be interesting for someone who does not want to go anywhere else but needs something to do for three days.

7. How were the rooms we took?

Peaceful and serene.

You can’t imagine we were in a city of 17 million people and so near to the airport and yet we were in a cottage.

Its like a room in a forest. With pleasant sound of birds, breeze, water trickling on the pool steps below.

The cottage is named after Madhumalai Hills

After two days we had to say goodbye to this beautiful place and go back to reality which seemed dull and lifeless.

The Rooms in this Hyderabad Resort have a very rustic feel to them with beautiful countryside views.

They have big decks with a swimming pool under the deck, which makes it seem like you are living in a forest. The sounds of birds chirping can be heard all day long, which makes you feel relaxed.

8. Forest like feel:

If you want to escape from the noisy city, the best place to do it is undoubtedly in this resort.

It provides total privacy as we will see only forest like scenes from the rooms. It is full of trees and it is as silent as a moment of meditation.

As you are sitting on the balcony, you can see the green forest. It is so natural and it gives you a feeling of being in a forest with lots of trees.

There are few more good resorts in Hyderabd to go along with your family and friends.

Silence is an experience that not everyone is lucky to enjoy. It’s a way of life, and it’s something we take for granted too often.

Staying in this resort will give you the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with nature – and yourself. It’s like taking a vacation for your mind, body, and soul.

The check-in was very quick; the staffs were really friendly,

We observed peacock and other birds in the nature. It was quite refreshing to be in this place.

We felt like we are in a forest, there were trees and plants around us, the weather was great too. The food was delicious too.

What we didn’t like?

  1. Costly
  2. Except Go karting, no more activities


  1. As there is no housekeeping team, keep your rooms clean
  2. Take soaps and tooth paste.

Wilderness Retreat Resort:

A forest like resort in Hyderabad

Where is the resort?

Near Gandipet. Hyderabad

Address – Sy 41 & 42 Kokapet Village, Gandipet, Telangana 500075

Website :