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ancient temples in odisha- jagannath puri

Ancient / famous temple in odisha –  jagannath puri

famous temple in odisha - puri jagannath temple

temples in Orissa

Secrets of Puri Jaganath Temple nobody knows till now

  1. No Shadow of the jaganth temple – an unexplained mistry
  2. No bird and no plane fly above the puri jaganath temple – an unfold mystery
  3.  The Temple flag
  4. Simhadwaram – Unknown story ..still a mystery
  5. Mystery Sea

But, in this article we dint discussed about these mysteries . We just explained about the temple only.

Author – D.sakshi

One of the temples named as jagannath puri situated in puri , there are many other temples too inside puri jagannath temple , as I even have being visited the sole temple there , in odisha there are many other temples too

sun temple , konark

1 sun temple , konark
2.linraj temple , bhubaneshwar
3.brameshwara temple , bhubaneshwar
4 maa tara tarini – shakti peethas
5 chausathi jogini temple

Puri is a  coastal city and a municipality of the state of Odisha in eastern India. it’s the district headquarters of Puri district and is situated on the Bay of Bengal, 60 kilometres south of the capital of Bhubaneswar.

Historical story of Puri temple :

It is also believed that when the Pandavas started their journey to Yamraj, Sapt Rishis advised them to go to the ‘Char Dham’ to urge closer to ‘moksha.’ And, Jagannath Temple in Puri is one among holy places of ‘Char Dham.’

Since then, Jagannath idol has always remained off-limits for people, and devotees can see him just for a specific period of time .

jagannath puri temple God

why puri jagannath

 So many viewers might think why puri jagannath

As  every individual believes their personal experience , so as per my experience , I will say every one should visit this temple at least once in their life time.

This is one of the world’s largest temples. We will get  so much of  positive vibes and will can understand the Indian culture and architecture.

What I felt after visiting this temple is

A] Pleasure of knowledge

B] Satisfaction for seeing a powerful temple and God

C]  Happy, that I found this place to come once again with my family

In Hyderabad, we also have a Puri Jaganath Swamy temple similar to main temple which is in Puri. Yet to visit this one. But we covered many old temples in Hyderabad which are powerful temples

A Story

FOR  EACH  AND EVERY REASON in this temple, THERE IS SURELY A STORY BEHIND , story of 3 siblings

  • Jagannath ,
  • balabhadra and
  • subhadhara



  1. Temple Flag that defies scientific logic
  2. The Sudharshana Chakra
  3. The temple structure
  4. The cooking techniques of prasadam

After visiting a temple there, people also visit the beach there for some sought of relaxation , even though if they are tired people love to visit the beach there. Because this sea is a mysterious one.

The geographical laws are revised here in this sea.

About Festivals celebrated in this Puri Jaganath temple

Festivals celebrated in jagannath puri are famous all over odisha and even in India and even in the world.

Famous festival in jagannath puri is rath yathra ,

In this festival, devotees gather all together near the temple , to seek  the blessings of the god . After visiting the jagannath temple bhog is given to the gods and then devotees are given the food that has been  perceived by the god . 

The food in the temple is as surely delicious , with no spices added in them , people who visit there  should truly taste the food  and love time spending there.

Jagannath  puri temple is visited by millions of people domestically and also from abroad as there are too many devotees who want to preach blessings of god.

Not only in this state Odissa. In India we have many ancient temples all over India. Especially , we can visit many famous temple in Kerala.


According to the reports , from India Today the channel and The Times of India tells how covid 19 outbreak let the temple shut

What is the best time to visit Jagannath Puri?

The best time to visit Puri is in the months – June, July, August, September, October , November, December, January, February and March. T

The city experiences its monsoon season in the month of June to September. Generally the city witnesses medium rainfall in its initial stage and then in the end of the month it experiences heavy rainfall.

MY EXPERIENCE – (D.sakshi from Hyderabad)

jagannath puri famous for peace - famous temple in orissa - jagannath puri-

I have visited this puri Jaganath temple more than 10 times.

Every time I visit, I get very peaceful experience that would create a nostalgia experience for me. If not wrong, for every devotee. I am sure here, devotees do feel  connect with the god which would bring them to the temple.

 in odisha the lord Krishna / vishnu considered all of the above and  god resides in the temple

One of the best temples I have visited would ensure you come back and forth throughout your lives

In the temple , I got some kind of positive energy, vibes and  find inner peace . I visited this place on weekends. An I found that temple is fully with many devotees in all directions.

Have been in odisha for mostly 3 years , also hope and pray to visit once more …


About Author


She is from Hyderabad. In her childhood she stayed in Orissa and has good knowledge on Odisha culture and about the temples in Odisha.

She is sincere and hardworking.

She is designing her own website “sakshidaduvai.in” . Its still under construction and she is working on it.

She is more interested in social issues in India and want to address those in her blog.

All the best Sakshi.