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Flechazo restaurant near madhapur

FLECHAZO   best restaurant Madhapur and Gachibowli.

 Flechazo restaurant the best restaurant near madhapur name itself is very fancy. Flechazo word arrived from Spanish means love at first sight. It’s a based on“MeditterAsian” concept.

This concept is evergreen as since we can enhance our taste buds and can have food of our choice. This is the best restaurant near to hitech-city and Gachibowli .  This is one of the restaurant with good Ambiance.

I visited with my family three adults and one kid. They did not charge for my kid as she is below five years. The Flechazo restaurant buffet price is in between 600rs to 700rs per head as per my knowledge. As I went long back there may be some  deviations  in billing.

restaurants in madhapur and jubilee hills-FLECHAZO restaurant


  • Flechazo dining is famous restaurant in madhapur for best and latest variety of dishes.
  • Budget friendly restaurant (approx. 1300 per 2).
  • A food shot counter.
  • Big ‘O’ counter.
  • Live Ice cream counter and live jalebi counter.

About Flechazo restaurant(The best restaurant near madhapur)

Flechazo restaurant is a barbeque style restaurant in madhapur.  The best restaurant in madhapur for dinner.

Here starters are served by attendants at the table. We can half full our stomach to get some energy by having starters inorder to continue in  selection  of snacks, main course and deserts.

The beauty here is, the plates itself indicates vegetarian or non vegetarian. Yellow for non-veggies , Green for veggies.

Flechazo restaurant is  with good ambiance in madhapur and there is a selfie counter where we can take photos and short vedios.

 A food shot counter in Flechazo restaurant madhapur

 Flechazo restaurant has an a food shot counter having conveyer belt on which snacks are placed. People can choose snacks of their choice and taste and as it is a buffet there are unlimited food options.

 In conveyor belt also check the color and take. If we go with elder ones , educate before going as their might be a chance of missing some tastes in Flechazo.

flechazo restaurant madhapur

Big ‘O’ Counter :

   In Flechazo restaurant madhapur there is a Big ‘O’ Counter where you can make your own pizza. You need to wear a chef apron and hat. After wearing you can roll pizza base and can add toppings of your own choice. I added extra cheese. Mean while they bake you can pose for selfies.

Main Course in Flechazo restaurant :

Main course has many variety of items chicken, parota, kulcha, panner curries, fish , prawns, coastal crab curry and many more. Here costal crab curry is very famous. Are your taste buds are awaiting for tasty food and variety of food options then this will be your choice. So, don’t wait start your journey to Flechazo restaurant a good restaurant in Madhapur and gachibowli.


Desserts word itself is mouth watery and fill the stomach. Here basic vanilla and strawberry flavour more over a live icecream counter in which icecreams are made of our choice with liquid nitrogen gas and can enjoy with your loved ones. Live Jalebi counter is also available.

“A surprise Dance by the attendants for different songs making your day more revitalizing and relaxing”.

You can also step with them and start enjoying.