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volunteering in hyderabad

This article is about top 5 NGO in Hyderabad

In this Article, I am going to write about following Non-Government Organizations in Hyderabad. Many people especially are searching for ngos in hyderabad for students.

Now a day, people are more inclined towards voluntary services. And it’s a positive sign for India.

In this article, I am giving details of following ngos in hyderabad india

  1. Kaam Counselling Services in Hyderabad
  2. Youth for Seva
  3. Make a Wish
  4. Save the Children
  5. Youngistaan Foundation

Following information will help people who want to work for ngo in Hyderabad

  1. Kaam Counseling Services:
Kaam Counseling Services - ngo organisations in hyderabad

This services is to help women and Children who are suffering from depression and helps to overcome their emotional and mental struggles

Founder and Chairman of kaam Counseling Services : Mrs. Amina Hussain.

She has worked with many NGO like Nirmaan, YFS , Ekalavya Foundation to increase the emotional well being of women specially from rural backgrounds.

                            She didn’t want to limit herself and started working towards counseling women and children as a freelancer. And she started this “Kaam Counseling Services” to work in the same direction .

Read the article published on Telangana Today New paper on “Amina Hussain, embracing new challenges” 

Website :

Facebook Link :

Contact Number : 09502567485

Kaam Counselling Services’ and is looking forward to more volunteers to help make the society better.

Author Comments: One of my student , Kiranmai is a volunteer for this organization. She is very much doing lots of activities to help women and children. Even they are getting support from “Rachakonda” Police station staff. All the Best Guys.

2. Youth for Seva

Youth For Seva - Best one if want to work for ngo in hyderabad

This NGO organization has a branch office in Hyderabad near Banjara hills. It is one among top 10 ngos in Hyderabad.

It was founded in 2007 and their main focus is education. Education to the children in Government Organizations.

This NGO Conducts different activities in and around Hyderabad and they are as follows

NMMS : National Means Cum Merit Scholarship.

The volunteers of this NGO form as batches, select government schools and train the children and prepare them for NMMS exam.

Once they pass the exam the students will get Rs. 1000/- per month for 4 years from class eleventh. YFS is an ngo in hyderabad for education – I can say

School Kit Drive :  YFS encourages the Governemnt school children by gifting school kits consists of of a school bag, notebooks and stationery materials like geometry box, pen, pencil, eraser sharpener and ruler To encourage every child to take first step towards school.

They conduct this every year on a particular month.

Chiguru: This is an initiative by Youth for Seva and created by Youth for Seva to bring out the artist in every child.

They conduct different competitions to the government schools in and around Hyderabad every year during December month.

Like this, ngo Hyderabad conduct different programs to help the children in their education

Website :

Facebook :

Contact Number :

Author Comments : I have the first hand information about this organization and very much convinced with their works.

And from Past 3 Years, I am attending “Chigiru” and it gives lots of peaceful ness for the entire year.

3. Make a Wish :

Make a Wish GO Foundation - working non government organisation of india is really good

The name itself is sufficient to understand what is this organization is about.

The statement you see when you open their website is

“Together, we create life changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.”

Let me tell you a real time experience which we came across :

My sister, very long back joined as volunteer in this NGO. She is a lady with pure heart. That’s the thought I get if I think about her.

Okay lets come to the point. She joined in this organization. Their duty is to full fill the last wish of the children who was suffering with chronical deceases and they are few days guests for this world.

So, my sister and her group was given a task. One small cute boy. Doctors already lost the hope of the life of the boy. I don’t know if that boy knows the truth or not. When my sister and her batch went and asked him about his wish, he said he wants to see TANK BUND. That was his last wish. The boy was very cute and these girls became very attached with him.

They have decided to take him to the TANK BUND in Hyderabad. By the time they made arrangements to take him there, the boy left this world. My sister felt very sad and she took months time to come out of this depression. The sad part is these even today she feel very bad that she couldn’t able to take him to TANKBUND. She says. She still can hear his voice – “Akka Nannu Tank Bund Daggariki Teesukellava “.

I can say these “Make a Wish” Foundation is doing an awesome job and Hats off to their services.

In present days, our own children are not bothered about our wishes and this is like ………

Read “Adopt a Wish” and “Wish Impact Stories” from their website. Please.

Website :

Address11-5-34 1/3, Jaiswal residency ,Opp MNJ Cancer Hospital, Red Hills, Lakdikapool, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004

Facebook :

Phone040 4950 2926

This is a child ngo in Hyderabad

4. Save the Children:

Save the Children NGO in Hyderabad - non govt organisation in india

It ia an oldest NGO. It was founded in 1919 . It was registeres as ‘Bal Raksha Bharat’,now.

Save the Children believes that every child deserves the best chance for a bright future.

Their Mission Statement

To inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

Their Vision

Build a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

This NGO has an office in secunderabad also.

Website :

Facebook :

Contact Number : 9870147147

Author Comments : I don’t have any first hand information about this Organization. Because, it is one of the oldest NGO organization, I am mentioning this in my article. For more details, pls go through their website and contact them directly.

Youngistaan Foundation:(One of the top NGOs in Hyderabad)

Give us some time to get the information about this ngo services in hyderabad

Website :

Facebook :

AddressBadruka Enclave, Flat number A 104, Rd Number 12, above Andhra Bank, Nandi Nagar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

Phone098853 42224

Conclusion : My advice, its all about helping out in the end. For people like ourselves who may not have time to help out in person by being a volunteer. it’s always good to help out the way you can. Opinion:

working non government organisation of india is like you should have an open mind  and a big heart. Also its not an easy thing.

Hope with this article, you got some information on Top NGOs in Hyderabad and non govt organisation in India

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