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HIV Specialist Doctors in Hyderabad

This article covers the details of HIV Specialist Doctors in Hyderabad. So, It can help the patients to know about the doctor and how to contact them.

hiv specialist doctors in hyderabad and hiv testing centers in hyderabad

This article give the details of Doctors available in Hyderabad

The following List of Doctors has specialization in treating HIV Aids in Hyderabad

  1. Dr. M. Satyanarayana – Aswini Diabetic, Cardiac, Family & HIV Clinics
  2. Dr Vishnu Polati  – Apollo Hospital
  3. Dr. Ajay – Sai Srinivasa Hospital

Dr. Satyanarayana – Aswini Diabetic, Cardiac, Family & HIV Clinics

Doctor Meka Satyanarayana, an HIV Specialist in Hyderabad
Best HIV Specialist in Hyderabad

Doctor Meka Satyanarayana Garu has completed intensive training Course on HIV/AIDS from Government of Andhra Pradesh and Under National Aids Control Organization

He participated in Many Knowledge Sharing Programs.

He has over 30+ years of experience. He treated many patients and gave them life.

Doctor M. Satyanarayana is one of the Top hiv specialist doctors in Hyderabad

Few Testimonials on Doctor

Testimonial 1 : Thanks for clarifying all my doubts. Thanks for listening all my issues listening to them very patiently..I am feeling very much better now. I would highly suggest Mr. meka Satyanarayana sir for any kind of counciling… he won’t suggest unnecessary medicines for you .-  Subhan (Verified)

Testimonial 2 : 1. he gives lots of confidence to the patient

2. Explains very clearly abt the situation

3. We will feel that we are talking to our family member

4. Not commercial – Jyothi(Verified)

How to Contact Him?

Phone Numbers : +91-8977363636 / +91-8019363636

                                   040-23063636 / 040-23163636

Website :

Facebook :


hiv clinics in Hyderabad-AswiniClinic
hiv clinics in Hyderabad-AswiniClinic

S2 & G14, Pragathi Enclave, Plot Nos. 95, 104 &113 Bhagyanagar, 2-22-1/113, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500072

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Dr Vishnu Polati  – Apollo Hospital

Doctor Dr Vishnu Polati  - Apollo Hospital
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Doctor Vishnu Polati garu is a certified infectious disease specialist .

He has over 7+ Years of Experience. He tests and provides treatment for HIV, transplant-related infections, tuberculosis, fevers of unknown origin and all other forms of infection.

Testimonials about Doctor

Testimonial 1 : For all kinds of infections…..diagnosis is very important for giving proper treatment..Dr.vishnu is one of the best doctors who can do that and gives you proper treatment…..Shirisha Testimonial 2 : brother suffered from dengue fever, his platelets count was totally down. Initially we have consulted local doctors, but there is no improvement even after a month.

We have heard the treputation of Dr. Vishnu polati and consulted him for treatment. Within a span of week, we have seen improvement in the platelets count and my started to recover. He is very generous and keen with his treatment options. We are thankful to him and I would recommend him if you are facing any kind of infectious diseases even it is HIV treatment. – G Naveen

How to Contact Him ?

Phone Numbers : 082473 69722

Website :

Facebook : Unable to get the link

Address :  Apollo Hospital, Rd Number 72, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033

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Dr. Ajay – Sai Srinivasa Hospital

 Doctor Ajay-hiv doctors in hyderabad
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Dr. Ajay has done fellowship in Hiv Medicine. He has total 12+ years of experience in treating HIV patients. He is one of the hiv specialist doctors in Hyderabad.

Few Testimonials on Doctor:

Testimonial 1 : “i was having headach and vomiting and fever since 1 week and was admitted in praja sai hospital and was tested for hiv and it was positive .i was on ART medicines but i had developed brain infection which doctor told me as meningitis. i was treated with IV antibiotics for 1 week and then i was dischared and he changed my ART medicine combination .i am now fine” – Shoba

Testimonial 2 : “I took preventive treatment PEP FRO DR AJAY after i had unprotected sexual exposure with in 72 hrs and completed 1 month course and got tested for hiv which was negative. i am so happy that timely preventive treatment saved me from hiv infection” – Rahim

How to Contact Him ?

Phone Numbers : +91-9246048734

Website :

Facebook :

Address : Sai Srinivasa Hospital 3-5-1082/A, Beside Deepak Theatre, Keshav Memorial Lane, Narayanguda, , Telangana, – 500029

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Few Frequently Asked Questions on HIV/Aids

HIV causes AIDS and interferes with the body’s ability to fight infections.

  1. What is Full form of HIV?

Ans : Human immunodeficiency virus infection

2. How People Get HIV?

Ans :

  1. When get contacted with infected blood
  2. Semen
  3. vaginal fluids
  4. By having unprotected sex with someone who has HIV
  5. By sharing drug needles with someone who is infected with HIV

3. What is the Cost of HIV test?

Ans :

HIV early Detection – Rs. 3999/-

HIV Early Detection premium – Rs. 7999/-

3H profile – Rs 1499 /-

HIV Test – Rs. 799 /-

4. Are HIV Tests Can be done free of costs?

Ans : Not on all the clinics but can be done free of cost in NHS

5. How is HIV Test Done?

Ans : It can be done by Blood test, Swab test inside your Cheeks

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