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Fish Market in Hyderabad

Some Information about hyderabad machi market or Fish Market in Hyderabad

Fish Market in Hyderabad for Sea Food Lovers

FISH…I love Fish……means I want to Eat Fish. I started exploring about Fish markets in Hyderabad and giving the information which I have collected for myself on Hyderabad fish market.

I heard that GHMC, The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has decided to construct 4 major sea food market in Hyderabad. And they are going to spend around 12 crores for this . The four Major Fish Markets are at Kukatpally, Chilakalaguda, Nacharam and Begum bazar.

People who reside at JNTU, Lingampally, Chandanagar, Miyapur, Kondapur, Vivekanandanagar, etc can purchase from Kukatpaly Fish Market.

Even Residents from Madhapur and Ameerpet can reach Kukatpally Fish market very easily.

The Begum Bazar Seafood Market will be targeting people from Ramnagar, Musheerabad, Dilshuknagar, Balanagar, and other nearest parts in Hyderabd, Telangana.

I have visited 2 fish markets in Hyderabad and the details are as follows.

Zamisthanpur Fish Market

live fish market in hyderabad

It is a big wholesale fish market in Hyderabad. The market was very big and has lots varieties of fish in the fish market. People in Hyderabad think that it is the best fish market in Hyderabad.

It opens early morning at 5 AM.

I went there by 6.30 AM and by that time most of the fish was sold. Lots of demand.

Good fishes available here but it’s good for wholesale dealers.

Important points :
  • You will find all varieties of sea food at very best price with good quality.
  • We can see different types of crabs, prawns and other sea food.
  • Both fresh water and sea food available here.
  • One of the biggest wholesale and retail places in Hyderabad

Regarding fish, there are many varieties of fish. And it will be like a fest to eye to fish lovers.
Name the fish. You will get it there and fresh.

What I have notices is, Hyderabad fish market prices are far lesser than the prices from other small fish markets in Hyderabad or seafood stores in Hyderabad.

Points, that we didn’t liked :  

It is the biggest fish market in Hyderabad with Full of parked lorries and full crowd. Nice but the place should be arranged little more organized. No place to stand to select fish.

This place seriously needs lots of hygiene steps. Fresh fish will be available only before 7 AM or maximum 7.30 AM. After that, you won’t get fresh and quality fish.

Cleaning process is not so good and roads and shops must be maintained with more hygiene. No parking facility

Address :

Musheerabad, Sri Sai Ram Enclave, Hyderabad, Telangana 500025, India

JNTU Fish Market :

ramnagar fish market

Only  Sundays they keep this fish market hyderabad, adjacent to JNTU compound wall , they keep the market You can get most of the varieties of river and sea fish. Need to bargain for best price.

We can get many varieties of fish, various sizes of prawns, crabs over here.

It is not only Fish Market, its Fruit market as well. There are many fruits stalls starting from JNTU to till Manjeera Mall.

You will face difficulty if you drive there by car. Because, there is no parking lot here.

Points, that we didn’t liked: Lacks cleanliness, fish cleaning cost is very high. Only on Sundays.

Best Time to Visit : 7.30 AM to 9.30 AM

Address :

Kukatpally Housing Board Rd, Ashok Nagar, K P H B Phase 1, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana 500085

people, who are vegetarians, can go straight from this road, after Forum Mall, you will see Venugopala Swamy Temple. Visit this place for peace

I heard about one more market- fish market in Secunderabad and begum bazar fish market Hyderabad but as I don’t have any first hand information on that, not providing the details here.

Now a days, it’s very difficult for the people who reside in Hyderabad city to go and visit the market to purchase Fish or  any other meat, because of the heavy traffic and also we should go early morning to sea fish market in Hyderabad to get fresh and different varieties of fish.

Getting up early in the morning and going out for market is highly impossible in one busy schedule. So, people prefer purchasing everything online including fish.

After all, who wants to wake up in the morning and get the strong smell of fish market? And that is Why Online Fish Delivery Always Triumphs the Offline Fish Store.

Most important thing is, we can get best fresh fish at reasonable rates and cheaper price when compared to direct market or wholesale markets. And the online fish will be delivered at your address in the available booked slots or timings.

So, I found following few good websites to Purchase Fish or Sea Food online in Hyderabad

  1. https://www.freshtohome.com/

They have different types of sea food with ready to cook option also.

Cash on Delivery is available. They says refund will be processed within 48 hours.

It is very famous website for purchasing online sea food in Hyderabad.

Ready to cook, Todays Specials, and affiliate marketing is available ( refer to earn)

Points to remember while purchasing Fish and Meat Online :

  1. Don’t purchase from unauthorized shops online.
  2. Don’t go for cheaper prices. Every service has a value and everyone should understand. There are possibilities of selling the old stock for cheaper prices and most people gets attracted towards cheap price rather than good quality.
  3. Always purchase fish only from reputed online fish markets only

How can you tell if fish is fresh?

To pick fresh fish, check for the following points.

  1. Red Gills : Gills should be bright pink or red coloured
  2. Fish Eye : Look for clear bright, glossy and dark eyes
  3. Fish Skin: Press the fish skin with finger. It should not be soft.  It should be Hard, shiny and moist

How long can you keep fish in the fridge?

Fresh Fish can be stored in refrigerator up to two days if it is packed properly.

First and most important thing is it is not suggestable to eat stored fish or meat. Its always good to cook and eat on the same day.

Where to look for fish delivery?

There are online stores that provide delicious seafood with home service. You choose your food and pay online. The website will send the food to your home within an hour of placing the order.

Types of Fish

For me, any fish is good and can prepare Mouth-watering dishes

Salmon :  Salmon is one of the tasty sea food and is available very easily in most of the super markets in Hyderabad.

fish market in hyderabad for sea food lovers near me

There are so many health benefits in eating food prepared with Salmon fish. It is very risk in Omega-3 fatty acids. His helps to lower blood pressure and helps in reducing the risk of Heart diseases.

Murrel :  Murrel Fish is one of the fresh water and tasty fish in India.  I am not sure but heard some where that Telangana Government declared Murrel Fish as its State Fish. It is also called as “Koramenu” in telugu. There are many Heath benefits in eating this type of food.

It helps in formation of muscle growth because of high proteins in this food. It helps in healing of Autism in children.

Dry Fish : There are many Dry Fish Wholesale dealers all around Hyderabad because of its high demand.

fish market in hyderabad for sea food lovers price list

Dry Fish are one of the terrific sourced of Calcium and Phosphorous and great source of Iron and Zink.

But it’s always better to avoid for BP patients because of its high salt contents.

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