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IKEA Hyderabad

IKEA Hyderabad- First IKEA stored opened in India.

A better everyday life for many people

Ikea can be called as a global leader in life at home as its products are affordable, well designed and suitable for every room in your house. It is also known as one of the world’s biggest furniture company. It designs products according to our customers capability and needs in an economic way with reasonable prices.

Ikea Hyderabad. First Stored opened in Hyderabad

There are many tourist places and tourist attraction and many malls and stores in Hyderabad. This IKEA has become of the popular and most visited places in Hyderabad

Ikea in Hyderabad

Ikea Hyderabad( Swedish Décor furniture company ) has opened its first ever store in India in a place called “City of Pearls” Hyderabad. The store is located at Hi-tech city in a massive place surrounded by many star hotels and many big corporate companies . It is launched on 9th of August 2018.

Ikea layout:

These stores are usually blue buildings with yellow touch because it is Sweden‘s national colors.

Ikea timings:

Original timings:
Monday – Sunday (Starting from morning 10:00am to evening 10:00pm)
Due to covid, there is a slight difference in the timings
Monday – Sunday (Starting from morning 10:00am to evening 6:00pm)

Ikea restaurant :

Ikea has also came up with a restaurant for the customers so when people visit Ikea store for binge shopping they can relax and refresh at their restaurant. And they also offer many types of varieties in vegetarian and non- vegetarian under the categories of breakfast, lunch and dinner. It also includes different cuisine like European, healthy food and North Indian food. It has a 1000 seater restaurant and a plenty of space to chill.

Online Food delivery :

Ikea restaurant has also started online food delivery facilities through zomato.
Ikea address :
Plot 25 & 26, Survey 83/1, Part 29, Raidurg, Panmaqtha, Hi-tech City, Hyderabad.

And now let’s see the distance traveled to Ikea from main places of Hyderabad

Starting from

  • Banjara hills, the distance is approx 10km and it will take minimum 20 minutes to reach.
  • Kukatpally, the distance is approx 7km and it will take minimum 15 minutes to reach.
  • Secunderabad, the distance is approx 17km and it will take minimum 30minutes to reach.
  • Abids, the distance is approx 14 km and it will take minimum 25 minutes to reach.
  • Begumpet, the distance is approx 13km and it will take minimum 25 minutes to reach.

What to buy at Ikea?

Starting from the entrance we can see a range of products are spread across two large floors. It has a wide range of products stating from utensils, potted plants, chandeliers to beds, storage boxes and lamps.
Ikea is sure to attract a lot of customers in the upcoming days. So to attract customers,who are known to be price sensitive, Ikea has begun its operations with best quality in a affordable price. So, before you decide to spend your weekend lets have a look at the Ikea store, and some of the budget friendly items.

Glass wares

Plastic cutlery

Lamps and lighting

Potted plants

1.Glass wares:

Glass wares one of my favorite thing which I have always loved to keep in the show cases of our dining hall. So Ikea has decent collection of glass ware products made for Indian kitchen. Price range starting from 29/- with the best quality. So people having a habit of drinking juices everyday, it will be suitable for you. So I would like to highly recommend you to have a look when you visit the Ikea store. I hope definitely you people will like it.

2.Plastic cutlery:

I still remember when I have visited Ikea store for the first time and purchased a set of colorful spoons which is very helpful for our daily lives. As it is for disposable use, it can be used for outdoor activities such as camping’s, excursions etc. And it is also one of the best available item with the cheapest price in Ikea.

3.Lamps and lighting:

One of my favorite thing which I would like to purchase to light my room with decent lights as it brings a beautiful look for our room. And Ikea has come up with a wide range of collection of lights which is suitable for our homes. Apart of this , starting from living room till the end of the house different lights can be set according to our wish especially when we build a new home.

4.Potted plants:

Nowadays we can see many of them are interested in gardening. And I personally feel it should be a hobby in our day to day lives. As gardening is not only planting trees, its gives a pleasant look and best medicine for our minds.  

People also ask for:

  • What is full form of Ikea?

Ikea was founded by Ingvar Kamprad from Sweden. So the name Ikea is an acronym from the name Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd ( the farm where he grew up), and Agunnaryd ( his hometown in Smaland, southern Sweden).

  • Can we order online from Ikea store?

As I am not sure, I feel it depends upon on the product and the store operations.

  • Why is Ikea in Hyderabad?

The founder, Ingvar Kampard felt Hyderabad is the best location to set up because of the proximity of technology. And there are few advantages like demographics and economic development.

Overall experience :
And lastly I would like to share my experience shopping in Ikea.A best place to purchase your home furnishings with the best quality in reasonable prices. Feels worthy to spend your money.

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  1. Very nice article.
    It is very useful to Hyderabad people.

    I too visited IKEA yesterday.
    It gave lots of real time experience of luxurious lifestyle.
    And I too bought few things which are very useful to my kitchen. And a stand for fish bowl, a table & a chair for my son.
    It’s a good experience.
    But it’s a big store.
    It will take a day to visit store peacefully.

    For great experience Visit IKEA ASAP.

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