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Shilparamam is one of the pleasant places to visit in Hyderabad in evening

Ethinic Hall in Shilparamam in Hyderabad.

This is one of points of interest in Hyderabad and best place to visit near Hyderabad. But many people doesn’t know where is the shilparamam in Hyderabad.

A Video of Shilparamam Shopping Area

It is in Hitech City and very easy to locate. It’s a famous landmark too.

Shilparamam is a model of a village constructed in the middle of Hyderabad in a very posh area. It was first opened in 21st June 1998 as per the information through https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shilparamam

Things You see in Shilparamam :

  1. Village Museum
  2. Handicrafts Shops
  3. Ceramic Bowls and Cups
  4. Beautiful Gardens
  5. Shilpakala Vedika – An Auditorium
  6. Boating
  7. A Small bird sanctuary
  8. Food shops

Village Museum :

Shilparamam at Night
Shilparamam at Night

This one you will like very much and if you visiting this place first time, then you will see this Shilparamam Museum with broad eyes and you will complete your entire space in your phone by taking soo many photos.

At the entrance of this village, you will see huge terra cotta horses welcoming to this model village.

Many sculptures at one point I thought they were real human beings but not sculptures. They were so realistic.  Many models like, weaving, a woman cooking, Barber, and many…

Now, a days present generation don’t know the village atmosphere and this is a very good idea to give that knowledge to our kids.

Handicrafts Shops:

Handy-crafts Shops in Shilparamam
Handy-crafts Shops in Shilparamam

You will go crazy if you see these shops. There are many handicrafts items you will find here.

We will feel as if we are in a village.

Handicrafts includes Bangles,Glass bangles, Rings, Bags, Jewellery, Carpets, Sarees, Handloom Sarees and lot more.

Few Items are costly here. Like Handicrafts hand bags. For the same cost, we get good leather bags from Hyderabad Malls. Yes, I understand that we should encourage eco friendly….handicrafts and so on. But….I am talking like an ordinary lady.

Ceramic Bowls and Cups

You will found Ceramic or Pingani bowls are very attractive in separate shops when you go little inside the park.

I found the cost also little more than reasonable. You can bargain a lot there. You can bargain almost half of the amount they said.

But I bet you will definitely feel like purchasing almost all the items there.

See the below Sri krishna Idol. I saw many idols like this in Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple Kphp.

Sri Krishna Statue in Shilparamam
Srikrishna Idol in Shilparamam

Beautiful Gardens

There are many beautiful Gardens here. To cover entire Shilparam and see all the lawns, there a small vehicle like Golf Cart.

Gardens in Shilparamam

At one place you will see Lord Krishna idol in the middle of a small pond . And you can take many selfies if you are a selfie King or selfie queen.

I went with my friends and we played all sorts of running games as we liked the beautiful gardens. When you go little inside the park, you will get privacy to enjoy with your friends. But it’s not any dangerous or lonely place.

Shilpakala Vedika – An Auditorium

In the middle pf Shilparama, you will see a open auditorium. I think its Shilpakala vedika.

On some Special Occasions , you will finds special events in this auditorium.

I watched Bharathanatyam and Kuchipidi performances here. The sitting arrangements also quite comfortable.

Hmmmm… actually not. Lot of mosquitoes. He he. May be the sitting arrangements are for mosquitoes? Just kidding.

Boating in Shilparam :

Evening Boating place in Madhapur Gardens
Boating in Shilparamam

Yes There is a small boating area in this park. But, I bet even you kids won’t enjoy that.  Its very small. But I wonder when lots of people standing in que for this boating at the time of Vacations. Means, at the time of Dussehra vacation and Pongal Holidays.

But from my point of view, this boating area is not a must see. Instead of this, anyhow if you decided to see all tourist places in Hyderabad, you will visit Tank Bund and you can enjoy boating there.

I wish this type of Boating should be there even in Golconda Fort also.

Please listen to my words.

A Small bird sanctuary

When you go very interior, you will see a Bird Sanctuary also. Many people wont go till this place.

Food Shops:

Unlike Golconda, we have many food stalls in Shilparamam.

At the entrance itself. Once you enter into shilparamam , left side, you will find many food stalls.

Poori, Chole Bathura, Pani Puri, Punugulu, Dosa, Vada and many more.

But, my sincere suggestion is don’t eat there. The quality of food is not good. An he shilparamam is in main area, once you come out of it, you will find many restaurants on the opposite side of the road.

I remember that we faced problem regarding food when we went to Golconda and you can read the details in that article.

Shilparamam Parking Area. :

There is a big parking area for this shilparamam. Once you cross the main gate from main road, on the left side you will find Parking area.

As it is big, you can part your cars also. I don’t know parking charges for four wheelers but I know for 2 wheeler. That is Rs. 25/-


  1. Mehandi – Try this. They will do this very nicely. Even the cost is reasonable. Forget about the cost. Talk to those people. You will understand the life.
  2. Purchase Lantern or Ceramic pots or Glass bangles
  3. Sit some time pleasantly on the benches arranged near boating pond.
  4. Take photos
  5. Walking from starting of Shilparamam till Model Village
  6. This is one of the places to visit in hyderabad for couples(I didn’t took picture of them but you can see many couples sitting on the benches at evening timings)
Thankyou at Tourist Place in Hyderabad
Thankyou from Shilparamam